Perpetual Holidaze
2020 Grenache

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Tasting Notes

2017 Big Easy Radio 4 an end to: the 9 to 5 McLaren Vale Grenache

We, here at Big Easy Radio are dreamers. We dream of one nation under a groove. And when we rise up and are appointed El Presidente, one of the first items on our agenda, besides appointing you dear reader, as the Minister of Wine & Cheese, is to take a blowtorch to the traditional working week.

We all long 4 an end to: the 9 to 5 and our perpetual holidaze bill will cover all bases and have you ditching the brogues and stilettos for barefooted freedom in no time at all.

McLaren Vale Grenache will play a starring role in our proposed bill. Wine isn't meant to be hard. Getting up for work on a Monday morning is hard, abstract algebra and quantum physics are hard; wine is just meant to be delicious. That's it.

What's it taste like we hear you say? Think of it as a Pinot Noir with cojones. It has that same weightless flow across the palate. The kind of flow you exhibit as you sashay up to a sun-lounge near the pool without a care in the world on a Monday morning. Exotic spice? yeah. Pure, ripe red berry fruits? yeah. Pure unadulterated badass smashability? you bet.

It is a wine that has a wonderful eidetic effect that propels you into the nearest David Hockney-esque scene of shimming blue water and clean white poolside tiles; the sun glistening off the oiled bodies of those that are at ease with the concept of perpetual holidaze.

It's worth repeating that wine, and for that matter, life is not meant to be that hard. Drink Grenache. Big Easy Radio. Tune in, drop out. Perpetual holidaze. You know it makes sense. Dare to dream.

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