Funtime Fountain
2018 Sangiovese & Montepulciano

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Tasting Notes

SOLD OUT - waiting new 2020 vintage due September 2021

Brethren & sistren. Listen up as I preach from the steps of the funtime fountain. We declare an end to the overspend. We declare that smashable, delicious wines... wines without pretence or ponce factor. Wines whose raison d'être is just to be sessionable and act as inconspicuous as just another implement at the dining table. Their aim is to please and it is in that mould that we have created our Funtime Fountain red blend.

First, a confession. We’ve got a bit of a fetish for cheap Italian house wines. You know the ones.... You rock into that trattoria in Trastevere, maybe order some antipasti & cacio e pepe.... You know.... when in Rome. And you’ll need a litre carafe of that house wine too for personal hydration see?.... Red.

It arrives and it is a solid €4 of amazeballs.... Wine that seems so comfortable with its surroundings, so comfortable with just meeting you and your companions, that it is like you have known each other all your life.

Allora.... here we have it... the 2018 Big Easy Radio Funtime Fountain The Sangiovese & The Montepulciano. Two grape varieties that tango beautifully together. Montepulciano for its red & dark fruits, spice and the fact that you sound sexy saying it. Sangiovese for its fleshy, plummy fruit and because it is one of the few grape varieties that rhymes with Patrick Swayze. You know it makes sense.

Packed with red and dark fruits, fruit-pure yet savoury with hints of spice, amaro herbs, dark chocolate and a cascade of lovely chalky tannin providing gentle support. It’s a calm and compact wine. Plenty of space; poised just right, calm and comfortable in its own skin. Built for comfort; a cultural prism into McLaren Vale. And fun.... Of course its fun.... Sounds like showbags and piglets.

Funtime Fountain — FRONT
Funtime Fountain — BACK