Forget Babylon
2018 Touriga Malbec

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Tasting Notes

2018 Big Easy Radio Forget Babylon Touriga Malbec

Do you find yourself railing against the constant bombardment of corporate lies and government shenanigans? Do you find yourself cranking up Rage Against the Machine and thrashing around the lounge room like a whirling dervish loudly declaring "hell no I won't drink what they tell me..... hell no I won't drink what they tell me" Us too. Never fear, Big Easy Radio has got your sweet ass covered. Forget Babylon - meet Touriga/Malbec, your new drinking partner.

Touriga has a Portuguese bloodline; fiery, sultry and robust with a passionate heart. Here it teams up with Malbec, a grape of Gallic heritage, thick skinned, sexy and fully armed with that anti-establishment streak that seems common in the scraggy wilds of its home in Sud-Ouest France. Here they find their home in that revolutionary hot-bed to Adelaide's Sud-Est - Langhorne Creek.

Full of deep dark-fruited attitude and spunk it is robust in its flavour profile yet light on its feet with an energetic, commanding swagger to its gait as it strides purposefully across the palate.

It's the perfect, delicious fuel for plotting... well in all honesty... delicious plots.

For a start, no one like wearing ties, in fact, it's hard to trust people who wear ties, so let's just get rid of them. No ties, less lies. Deep down you know that makes sense and nobody was hurt in the process.

The perfect outcome and that was just from one mouthful of the 2016 Forget Babylon Touriga/Malbec. Imagine what would come out over a whole bottle during a cabal with your closest friends. This is the sort of drinking that shapes nations. Drink wisely my friends.

Forget Babylon — FRONT
Forget Babylon — BACK